Proposal submission deadline:
  20 November


20 November 

 Proposal submission deadline
22 January   Detail progress report submission
29 January   Semi-finalist selection
5 March   Final project submission deadline
12 March   Finalists selection
  Innovate North-America is open to undergraduate and masters students enrolled in a Canadian or American college or university; knowledge of digital design or computer/system architecture is key.
This competition is of interest to university students in electrical, electronic, communication engineering, computer science or software engineering.

The platform for Innovate North-America contest will be Altera DE1 board.

All the teams will develop systems on this platform.

The selected team for Semi-Final will receive the Altera DE1 baord.

Please visit Altera DE1 and Design Resources for more design information.

  The rules are simple, to provide a framework within which teams can show their innovation:

Team members must be enrolled in a Canadian or America university or college

Teams are required to have a mentor
Mentors can be a professor from the institution where team is enrolled
Teams can alternatively have a mentor from industry
Teams shall have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members
There is no limit on the number of teams from a given institution
There are no entry fees

There is no cost for the design kits given to semifinalists
Teams should target the development board provided
  Knowledge of digital design, Knowledge of Verilog/VHDL is desirable and recommended but not required to participate, while knowledge of a programming language and digital design is key.

Judges will consist of experts from Altera


Participating teams will go through typical hardware design activities, including: digital design and verification, system architecture, and project management.
To help teams mange their projects, all teams MUST have a mentor from either the educational institution where they are enrolled, or from industry.

Teams submit a project proposal via email with the following information: team member names and emails, team name, name of mentor and email, description of project proposal in AT LEAST 100 words and AT MOST 200 words.
Use the templates available from the Downloads section.


The evaluation gird used is:

Innovation -> 25
drop Specification or Verification plan -> 25
Completeness -> 10
Practicality -> 10
drop Complexity -> 10
drop Design working in H/W -> 10
drop All-undergrad team -> 10
Semifinalist teams will receive educational material, development software from Altera and Impulse. Teams needing a development kit would get one from Altera through their educational institution.
All finalists are guaranteed publication, and each team member of the winner and runner-ups will receive a cash prize.
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